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What To Know About Living in a Terrace House

Terrace houses are a common feature in the property market and they have become the favourite home types for young families. What exactly are terrace houses and what makes them tick? This article takes a look at the pros and cons of living in a terrace house:

What are Terrace Houses?

Terraced houses are multiple mirror-image houses that share internal walls with each other. They are also known as town houses or row houses.
When buying terrace houses, the following have to be considered:

Lower Prices
When compared with detached homes and semi-detached houses, terraced houses are relatively cheaper. This singular advantage has made them more appealing to home buyers.

Small Outdoor Space
When buying a terrace house, you have to forgo that extra space you’ve always craved for. Terrace houses have small outdoor spaces and unless you are buying the end house with an extra space, you might just have to manage that small space.

Noise Concerns
Except your shared walls are sound-proof, living in a terrace house could be noisy sometimes. Though the noise from neighbours might not be excessive, it is worth considering before putting pen to paper.

Privacy Issues
Living in a terrace house can affect your privacy as your neighbours can listen in on your conversations or know what you are doing in the house at any given point in time. Before buying a terrace house, it is important to find out if you are comfortable with these privacy concerns or not.

Living in a terrace house requires been considerate and consulting your neighbours before any major renovation that might inconvenience them.

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