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Estate Agent Tips: 2 Tips on Property Selling

Selling is a skill which very few people are excellent at. As a property agent, your aim is to close many deals as quickly as possible. Knowing that a delay could mean another agent closes the deal before you, there is the tendency of wanting to force propespective buyers/tenants to make their decision quickly but this rarely turns out well for both parties.

Here are 2 tips to help you drive your next sale in your favour:

1. Provide all the necessary information about the property without appearing to overlook key issues of concerns raised by a prospective buyer. Most often than not, trust is an issue when property is` concerned. While it is important to disclose important details, ensure you also lay emphases on green areas that are likely to aid the sale. Leave out the jargon associated with property selling as your buyer needs to process all information in the clearest and most understandable form.

2. Let the Property speak for itself. When it’s time for inpection of property, make sure your prospective buyer is given all the freedom required to peruse the length and breadth of the property without any form of restriction. It doesn’t count as an inspection if your client does not have access to enter the property. No one will not include a property in their wishlist when you have not allowed them to look at the property properly.

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